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As a consumer, you should not be held hostage by an Internet service provider with a long-term commitment

Large telecommunication companies resort to multiple techniques to get you to spend more money than you need. In a recent article, we’ve discussed bundles and how they cost consumers too much. Another problem that plagues the telecommunication industry is a long-term commitment. Many companies use them as a way to get more money from their customers after enticing at extremely cheap rates.

At blink, none of our Internet plans come with long-term commitments. We believe you should always be free to cancel or change your Internet plan. We are committed to offering the best value for the price, and our clients stay with us because they get the most stable hybrid fiber connection in Quebec for the most affordable rates.

Here are two reasons why you should never pick an Internet plan with a commitment:


It Means The Price Isn’t Right

When a company forces you to commit over a period of 12 to 24 months, it probably means they are undercharging for their service. Undercharging is bad for business. Not charging the right price often results in poor customer service. Moreover, it can also mean poorer quality of Internet service, slow-downs, and interruptions. While it’s important to find an Internet plan you can afford, you should not buy an underpriced service.

If a company asks for a long-term commitment, it also means that they are not confident their clients will stay with them. At blink, we make sure every client is a happy client and don’t coerce anyone to stay with us if they don’t desire to. We do not believe it is fair to pay a penalty for changing or canceling your plan.


You Need Flexibility In Case of a Financial Emergency

The COVID-19 pandemic showed that financial emergencies can arise in ways completely out of our control. Many people were laid off over the past several months, with many of them forced to live on the government’s help. Such crises force us to revisit our budget and to make hard choices. Although an Internet connection is an essential service, especially for those working from home, some may consider changing our canceling their Internet plan.

We believe consumers should have full control over their Internet service, and they should not have to pay a penalty should they choose to cancel. We want the best for our communities, and sometimes their best is not what is best for us. While we want to make sure our clients have a great experience and stay with us, we understand and respect those who choose to cancel their plans.

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