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We offer an alternative to internet service giants in Montreal — without the small businesses’ inconveniences

There are many Internet service providers in the Greater Montreal Area. Despite the variety of options, a significant problem plagues the market: internet service providers in Montreal are either charging exorbitant prices with constraining contracts or offer slow, unreliable internet service.

Since blink’s launch in January 2019 by Hassan Fouda, blink has relied on a specific organization charter to meet market requirements at various download speeds, ranging from 15 to 400 Mbps. Using hybrid fiber technology, blink has been able to provide residents of the Greater Montreal Area and other regions with fast and stable unlimited internet.

An overview of internet providers in Montreal

In addition to charging high prices, Montreal’s internet service providers tend to bundle their services into packages to encourage consumers to spend more money. They also do not offer unlimited speed and charge high penalties for exceeding download limits. In short, they focus on their bottom line and on customer loyalty.

This is why the CRTC has created the third-party internet access decision, which allows smaller internet service providers such as blink to provide more cost-effective alternatives to telecommunication giants. blink was born from this initiative, and we are proud to help change the telecommunication landscape with our service offering.

Why small internet providers fall short in Montreal

Most of Montreal’s small internet service providers, on their end, fall short of the great expectations bestowed upon them. In their quest to offer the cheapest plans, they must sacrifice one element or the other. For example, they often offer plans with download limits and speeds that cause frustration; plans with high speed but unstable connection; or plans with stable connections but with slow speed.

It is extremely difficult to compete with the telecommunication giants in a city like Montreal. A small company trying to get its share of the market and make large profits is doomed to sacrifice the customer experience. At blink, we have reduced our rates as much as is possible to stay profitable and to offer our clients the best quality internet in Montreal.

How blink is able to do better

blink is able to provide the best value for the price thanks to its use of Videotron’s access network, its customer-centric model, and its desire to connect the local communities. While most companies focus on maximizing their bottom line or to dominate the market, blink focuses on finding solutions to make internet service more accessible in communities.

At blink, we are hyper-realists and understand it is not possible to have it all. This explains why we are not the cheapest alternative in the market. We are, however, the most cost-effective internet service provider in Montreal when factoring speed, stability, customer service, and the unlimited internet offering.

Order your unlimited internet plan today to experience Montreal’s most cost-effective Internet service

blink will be happy to get you set up quickly if you are looking to up your internet experience. If you are moving, we will get your internet up and running as soon as you’ve moved into your new place. You may be able to use your own modem if you already have one (see list of compatible modems). This way, you can start enjoying our fast, stable unlimited internet service as soon as possible.


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