What makes Blink’s Phone Plans the Best bang for the Buck in Quebec?

What makes Blink’s Phone Plans the Best bang for the Buck in Quebec?

Published On: August 30, 2022

We know how crucial it is to stay connected. In addition to having a great selection of internet plans that you can discover here, we are also offering a variety of phone plan offers that will make sure you are always on the phone without worrying about the bill running high, or your phone credit running out.

At blink we have introduced three different phone plans that will fit your needs

and help you stay connected both in your personal and work life. Nothing beats finalising business or confirming plans on a quick phone call instead of waiting for an email confirmation or a text through Whatsapp.

In our article we will be seeing together why phone plans by Blink are the best bang for the buck in all of Quebec.

The Best Prices for unlimited Phone Plans in Quebec

We offer three different phone plans that will fit your needs. Our first plan covers all of Canada and it comes at $9.99/month. If most of your family members and your business are in Canada, then this plan is perfect for you, as you get to benefit from unlimited calls in Canada, caller ID, and, of course, call waiting; in case you are running a business and you are expecting multiple calls during the day, don’t forget about call forwarding; this way you can dispatch the different calls you may receive to the right person; this offer also comes with voicemail and E911 emergency calls.

You may ask, how are we able to have the best price for a phone plan in Quebec while offering all these benefits? The short answer is VoIP. We are forwarding your calls to an internet network instead of using the standard phone lines, which are less reliable and may compromise audio quality. We are able to decrease the cost without compromising on reliability. We also take care of everything; there are no complicated networks or applications that need setting up for you to benefit from our best phone plan offer!

With Blink There Are No Hidden Costs

Transparency is part of our vision at Blink. We like to develop a trusting relationship with our clients, and all of our services, from the internet plans, TV plans, and phone plans, are laid out in a very minimalistic and clear manner. There is no fine print to worry about when you are part of the Blink family. Join us to get the best phone plan in Quebec!

The Best Phone Plan For National and International Needs

In regards to the best phone plan for your national as well as international requirements, we have 2 plans that will fulfill all your communication needs.

If most of your communication happens to be in North America, specifically between Canada and the United States of America, then the 2nd offer at the attractive price of $12.99/month will provide you with all the perks and benefits of the first plan, in addition to unlimited calls to all USA phone carriers. It’s a great way to stay on top of your business while keeping the phone bill cost to a minimum. It also doesn’t hurt to always stay in touch with your family and keep the relationship healthy if you happen to live far away or you commute a lot.

Furthermore, if you want to stay connected on an international level without breaking the bank at a reasonable price, we would suggest that you opt for our 3rd offer that comes at only $19.99/month, and you get to benefit from what’s in the 2nd package in addition to 100 minutes of international destinations.

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