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blink’s stable and affordable unlimited internet is made possible by the hybrid fibre technology

blink brings the most cost-effective internet service in Montreal and the province of Quebec. Because of our business model, we can offer the same speed and stability as telecommunication giants at a fraction of the cost. Our affordable unlimited internet plans are made possible by the hybrid fibre technology, a technology that brings to consumers the best of both worlds — speed and stability.

Canada has long had a problem with the telecommunication industry. With only a handful of companies competing for the market shares, the costs of internet and phone access is significantly higher than in other countries. Consumers would get access to low-quality internet for higher prices. However, the CRTC’s third-party access provider decision, which dates back to the early 2000s, helps small companies such as blink bring Canadians better internet for more affordable prices.

To provide consumers with the best value for the price, blink Canada uses hybrid fibre technology.

Difference Between Cable and Optic Fibre

There exist different types of connections, each of which offers different benefits and inconveniences. For example, a coaxial cable connection is fairly inexpensive and easy to install. However, it is not as fast as optic fibre, which uses light rather than electricity. It allows for higher bandwidth and a higher transmission rate. In Quebec, optic fibre is not as widely spread as a coaxial cable connection, making internet speed slower in most households.

Hybrid Fibre, which blink uses, is a combination of optic fibre and coaxial cable connection. The backbone of the cable is made of optic fibre and the last mile is a coaxial cable. This allows a higher bandwidth and transmission rate than regular cable connection without driving the cost of internet access higher. Additionally, the coaxial cable connection ensures greater stability.

There exist other internet connection options, such as ADSL, which uses pre-existing telephone lines. While ADSL provides high speed for a low price, the instability of the internet makes it frustrating to use. At blink, we do not believe in sacrificing quality for the price.

Why blink uses Hybrid Fibre

Our goal at blink is to offer the best value for the price and to provide quality internet access to everyone. We want to serve all users in our communities with internet plans that make sense for them. Thanks to the hybrid fibre technology, we can do that at more affordable cost than other providers.

Hybrid fibre allows us to give the best connection experience both to individuals and businesses. It is much easier to watch 4K movies and TV shows with a hybrid fibre connection as streaming is more fluid and without interruptions. Moreover, businesses experience higher download and upload speeds, which make their business activities smoother and maximize their profitability.

As a customer-centric company, we strive to create the best possible experience for all users. Although hybrid fibre is an integral part of it, it is not the only one. We offer friendly, accessible, and convenient customer service to accommodate customers’ requests when they need it. As a small company with high capabilities, we can do without a long wait time.

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