What Are The Best Streaming Platforms?

What Are The Best Streaming Platforms?

Published On: December 28, 2022


There has been an exponential growth in the usage of the internet in general, let alone streaming services. In Canada alone, as of January 2022, more than 36 million of its residents are internet users, which makes up almost 97% of its entire population. Canada also ranks fifth in the world in terms of average streaming service usage, with women using these platforms slightly more than men.

We wanted to help you sort through all the different streaming platforms, what they do best, and which one you should choose depending on your needs.


Netflix is still leading as the platform with the most subscribers and overall content. Regardless of the price increase that took place over the last few years, their fan base is still using the platform.

They are constantly growing their catalog, with new original content, as well as third party content that is being bought. Let’s also not forget, all the classics they have been adding recently.

In view of recent statements from Netflix, it seems that in the new year of 2023, they are planning on putting restrictions on account sharing, and that could potentially lose them millions of users, followed by stock prices hitting new lows.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has a more competitive price, but what’s more, with your Amazon Prime yearly package, you can shop at preferential rates and enjoy blockbuster movies as well as a large catalog of TV shows and documentaries.

The news of Amazon acquiring MGM, will also play a huge role in increasing their popularity, by adding content that already has a loyal fanbase.


After Hulu switched to a subscription based plan, the quality of their content skyrocketed. As they are owned by Walt Disney and Comcast, this further boosts their entertainment potential. Let’s not forget that Hulu also offers a variety of live TV channels. Not only that, but they are also quick to upload new TV episodes to their streaming platform.

Apple Tv+

Apple TV+ streaming services debuted not long ago.In fact, it went live in the United States only on November 1, 2019.Now it has become known for its big TV shows and movie productions. All Apple TV+ originals have been among the year’s best shows.Not only do we think that, but they have also garnered multiple Golden Globe nominations, and that is very impressive seeing how limited their catalog is when it comes to the originals. If you are already in the Apple ecosystem, then this move will make sense to you, seeing how seamlessly it integrates with all of your devices.


Similar to Apple TV+, Disney+ was also launched in November of the year 2019. Coincidence? I think not. With their large selection of movies and TV shows, it has become a major competitor, and not only that, but the entire old school Disney catalog is available for consumption.They also feature a lot of exclusive shows that have brought them major success in the last two years.

What we love about Disney is that its catalog has a lot of family-oriented content that can be shared and enjoyed in family settings.

Overall, it depends ultimately on your budget and whether you and your friends and family are willing to share the accounts. Not only that, what is the content that you are into, and which of these platforms consistently produces content that you love to consume? To enjoy any of these streaming platforms, however, you must have reliable and fast internet, and Blink can provide you with the best bang for your buck internet deals!



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