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Black Friday promotions have become an international event, all countries whether they are celebrating Thanksgiving or not, do follow the trend of Black Friday and take it as an opportunity to go shopping for Christmas or even finding the best offers for something they always wanted to buy.

The love for Black Friday comes from all the sheer amount of sales proposed by almost all businesses. It is a fun way to do shopping as you are sure to get the best deals of the entire year.

The internet providers are also joining in on this unique day with amazing prices for their high-speed internet offers. If you stumble on this article looking for the best deals for Black Friday for the best internet service, then you are at the right place!

In this article, we will uncover the Black Friday Offers from blink.

What is in store for you with “blink’s Internet Black Friday offers”?

We understood that it is important to build the appropriate infrastructure that will satisfy our clients and have their interests fulfilled. We have tailored the best service for the best price. We provide high speed and stable internet in the province of Quebec that can be easily accessed by everyone.

We offer the best bang for the buck and fast speed internet service that will keep you connected, without worrying about its stability in terms of speed and connectivity. All while keeping in mind that all our packages are unlimited. Although it is still a young corporation, blink has already established itself as one of the best known high-speed internet providers in the province of Quebec.

We are used to Black Friday lasting only for one day on the Friday of the 25th of November. However, blink is offering discounts for all shoppers during the whole month of November. Our goal is for our clients to enjoy the advantages of the Hybrid Fiber internet connection that is known for its stability, speed, and affordability.

With blink’s Black Friday offers, you can enjoy these discounts with the best download and upload speeds:

1. An attractive discount on the monthly internet prices:

In celebration and within the theme of Black Friday, blink is offering incredible discounts on the home Internet packages that range from 15Mbs, 30Mbps to 60Mbps. The different plans that will meet the different needs of your home.

2. Free Modem Rental:

Not only will you benefit from the lowered monthly price of the bill, but you will also take advantage of the free rental of the modem for a refundable minimal security deposit.

3. Free Activation Fees:

Our offers don’t end there, we also provide a free activation fee. A value of $45.

We invest in our infrastructure and in our clients as well, because we are convinced that offering the best service at the lowest price possible guarantees customer satisfaction hence our growth.

Without compromising on the quality, our early Black Friday deals will keep you interested not only now but all year round. Do not wait for the 25th of November, because at blink, Black Friday is here to stay for all of November. Order your discounted internet offer at an irresistible price with blink.

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