Section A: General TERMS


  • BLINK: Blink Internet Service Provider Inc. – Blink Fournisseur d’access Internet
  • Client, customer or User: person who uses any service from Blink
  • Product: Equipment used to support or connect any services as a mmodem, router, VOIP telephone box, etc.
  • Service: Any service to access the internet or VOIP Phone
  • Agreement: The contract between Blink and any Client where Blink give a service to the client for a fee. 
  • End of agreement / termination  of Services / termination of agreement: when the service agreement ended and becomes not valid.
  • TPIA: Third Party Internet Access – Third Party internet service provider 
  • CRTC: Canada Radio-Television and Telecommunications
  • CCTS:  Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services
  • ADR: Alternative Dispute Resolution


  1. Blink Internet Service Provider Inc. (“Blink”) agrees to provide the customer (the “Customer”) the products and services (the “Services”) in accordance with the terms and conditions (the “Terms”) set hereunder. These Terms form an integral part of your Customer Service Agreement (the “Agreement”).
  2. The Terms are also available at:


  1. In exchange for the Services provided by BLINK, the Customer agrees to pay the agreed monthly fees plus any usage charges. All taxes will be added to the amounts due and shall be paid by the Customer to Blink.
  2. Service renewal fees for the upnext coming  months plus usage fees of the previous month, must be paid before expiration of current billing cycle, otherwise the service will be disconnected.
  3. Customers must allow sufficient time for their payment to reach BLINK before the date stated on the bill. It often takes three (3) business days for payments made at a financial institution.
  4. If service is disconnected due to not receiving renewal and/or usage payment on time, customers  will need to pay reconnection (reactivation) fees according to standard price list, before service can be restored.
  5. BLINK will apply the discounts or promotions as long as the Customer meets the eligibility criteria.
  6. When paying by credit card, debit card or other method of payment, the Customer expressly authorizes BLINK or its agents to charge all agreed fees to such card, account or other payment method. If the Customer uses a credit card, debit card or other method of payment and BLINK does not receive payment from the card issuer, financial institution or their agents or through the other payment method, as the case may be, the Customer agrees to pay all amounts due upon request by BLINK.
  7. This Agreement is conditional upon the Customer’s credit approval.
  8. BLINK may require a security deposit if the Customer: 
    1. Has no credit history with BLINK or fails to provide satisfactory credit information.
    2. Has an unsatisfactory credit rating with BLINK due to recent payment habits regarding BLINK services.
    3. Clearly presents an abnormal risk of loss.
  • The Customer authorizes BLINK to verify the Customer’s credit file with the relevant institutions, for any reasonable grounds, before and during the duration of the Services, and authorizes financial institutions or other information agencies to disclose information about the Customer’s credit file to BLINK at any time. The Customer also authorizes BLINK to enter the credit information so obtained in its Customer file.

Customer Portal

  1.  The Customer is responsible for his/her online accounts and for the activities of anyone who uses such accounts. To prevent unauthorized use, the Customer shall maintain the confidentiality of the email address and password that customer uses to access his/her online accounts and applications.
  2.  The Customer will not have access to the portal once the agreement ended and his/her account will be closed.

Agreement Amendment

BLINK may, at any time, amend this Agreement, including its essential provisions. In such a case, BLINK will send the Customer at least thirty (30) days before the amendment comes into force, a written notice drawn up clearly and legibly, either by mail or email provided to BLINK (customer is responsible for keeping his contact information is up to date) setting out the amended clause and the effective date of the amendment. 

The Customer will have the right to refuse the amendment and terminate the Agreement without incurring any cost, penalty or cancellation charges, by sending a written agreement termination notice to BLINK no later than thirty (30) days following the effective date of the amendment. 

Customer’s Obligations

  1. Unless indicated otherwise, this Agreement is for an indeterminate -term.
  2. The Services included in this Agreement are strictly for the use of the Customer at the installation address and the customer shall not resell or share the service without the consent of BLINK.
  3. The Client must use the Services (including any equipment rented or supplied) in accordance with applicable laws, usage policies and instructions communicated by BLINK
  4. The Customer agrees to make fair and reasonable use of the Services.
  5. The Customer shall not relocate, disconnect, remove, repair or disrupt any equipment or facilities belonging to BLINK or other customers without the consent of BLINK. BLINK may, at any time, limit the use of the Services to prevent such disruption and may require the Customer to change or disconnect any facilities or equipment.
  6. The Customer shall be responsible for use of the Services, including any fraudulent use thereof until such time as BLINK is informed.
  7. The Customer shall obtain and bear the cost of all access rights, authorizations and consents from third parties, including the consent of the landlord or owner of the building, to make any installation and/or maintain the components of the Services. The Customer shall give BLINK or its representatives access to the premises in order to install or repair the Services. A person must be present at all times during the installation or maintenance of the components of the Services.
  8. If the Customer transfers internet services from Videotron TPIA (excluding Videotron itself) to BLINK, the Customer must terminate the internet services with the former supplier and inform Blink with the date of termination.

Loaned or Leased Equipment

  1. If the Services include rented or leased equipment, BLINK shall remain the owner thereof. Unless otherwise specified in the Agreement, the equipment is selected by BLINK and may be new or refurbished.
  2. If the rented equipment breaks, BLINK will repair or replace it provided the breakage is due to normal use. In case of equipment defects, only BLINK and its agents are authorized to make the repairs. In the event of a break resulting from a case of force majeure majeure  or caused by a third party, the repair or replacement (based on current time and material costs) shall be at the Customer’s expense. BLINK may ask the Customer to send the equipment to BLINK for repairs..
  3. On the teermination of the Agreement, the Customer shall return the equipment to BLINK at the address indicated on BLINK website within fourteen (14) days, failing which BLINK will invoice the Customer, which agrees to pay, the replacement value of the equipment. If the equipment is not mentioned in Appendix A, the replacement value will be the market value of a similar product.
  4. If a deposit for the equipment was paid by the customer as part of the agreement at time of obtaining the equipment, it will be paid back to the customer within 14 days of Blink receiving the equipment, provided that the returned equipment must still look “new” and must be returned in its original packaging with all its components and accessories.

 Sold Devices & Equipment

  1. Sold equipment will be delivered by courier (delivery charges apply) or pickup in Blink store if it is possible at the address indicated on BLINK website.
  2. Sold equipment and devices become the property of the customer from the day of purchase and the customer must pay the total agreed price to Blink.
  3. If payments for the device were agreed to be made on multiple installments, then customer must pay all agreed installments even if agreement is terminated.
  4. If agreement and/or service is terminated, customer keeps the equipment and does not need to return them.
  5. Blink will provide information about the warranty (provider, duration, etc.) for each device; whether directly through Blink or a third party.
  6. If a device’s warranty is directly through Blink, and if the customer needs to send it back to Blink, then customer will bear shipping costs  in both directions.
  7. Devices that are sent back for maintenance must be under warranty at the time they arrive at the warranty provider (Blink or otherwise), must still look “new”, and must be returned in its original packaging with all its components and accessories.

Cabling Service

  • The following items are not covered by the cabling service:
  1.  damage or damage caused by negligence, vandalism, deliberate cutting of the cables or damage caused by force majeure;
  2. Dangerous or illegal repairs or replacements of jacks and cabling inside or outside the home or building;

Technical Support

  1. Customer is responsible for updating and protecting his/her operating system, software and peripherals.
  2. The Customer must have all the authorizations and licences for the operating systems, software and peripherals for which technical support is requested.

Limitation of Liability

  1. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, BLINK’s liability shall be limited to awarding proven, immediate, direct and foreseeable damages and shall not include: 
    1. any loss of revenue or profit, loss of customers, income or anticipated savings; 
    2. damages for data loss or damage;
    3. any punitive, exemplary, ancillary, incidental, special or indirect damages, even if the Customer could reasonably foresee the possibility of such damage or be informed thereof.
  2. To install the equipment required to provide the Services, BLINK may need to drill holes, screw, install fixtures, run cables and perform other installation activities that impact the Customer’s home or building. The Customer agrees that BLINK will not restore the premises to their pre-installation condition or repair any damage related to the installation or removal of the equipment. Further, although BLINK attempts to arrive at the agreed moment to perform any installation or repair, the Customer may not claim any damages related to any delay.
  3. All limitations of liability in this Agreement also apply to BLINK suppliers and subcontractors involved in service delivery as if the Agreement had been concluded directly therewith.

No Guarantee

  1. The only obligation of BLINK under this Agreement is to take reasonable measures to provide the Customer with the agreed Services. BLINK does not guarantee uninterrupted or trouble-free operation of the Services. If the Customer has an alarm system from a third party, the BLINK Services may interfere with or interrupt such system. BLINK further does not guarantee the proper operation of the Services if such Services are connected to a third-party Internet service.
  2. On occasion, during installation, despite preliminary assessments, BLINK may not be able to provide the Services as they do not meet the company’s standards, in which case the installation will be cancelled and any amount already paid by the Customer for the Services will be returned or an alternative Service will be offered to the Customer.
  3. If the Services deteriorate after installation, BLINK will try to remedy the situation. If no solution can be reasonably implemented, the Customer may terminate this Agreement or an alternative Service may be offered. 

Confidentiality and Privacy

  1. In relation to all telecommunications services provided by BLINK, unless the Customer provides express consent or disclosure is pursuant to a legal power, all information kept by BLINK regarding the Customer, other than the Customer’s name, address and listed telephone number, is confidential and may not be disclosed by BLINK to anyone.
  2. Express consent may be taken to be given by the Customer if the Customer provides: 
    1. written consent, 
    2. oral confirmation verified by an independent third party, or
    3. electronic confirmation via the Internet
  3. BLINK will comply with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada) applicable to BLINK as the Customer’s service provider concerning access, transmission, storage and use of the Customer’s personal information made available to BLINK in connection with provision of the Services. 


The Customer shall not assign, transfer or dispose of this Agreement, in whole or in part, without BLINK’s prior written consent.

Force majeure

  1. BLINK shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performing its obligations hereunder if such failure or delay is directly or indirectly attributable to one of the following causes: 
    1. civil disorders, revolutions, terrorism, riots, labour conflicts or rebellions; 
    2. natural disasters, Earthquake, fire, epidemics  or flood; 
    3. any other causes reasonably beyond the control of BLINK; and shall be relieved from performing or fulfilling its obligations for the entire duration of the force majeure so long as BLINK is unable to resume performance of its obligations despite reasonable efforts in this regard.

Applicable Laws

  1. BLINK is an enterprise subject to federal legislation. Any issue concerning the validity, interpretation, application or execution of this Agreement will be governed by applicable Canadian laws and regulations and by applicable provincial laws and regulations. 
  2. The CRTC has implemented a code of conduct for Internet service providers with which BLINK complies. The Internet Code, simplified, is available at: . If a Customer cannot resolve a problem with BLINK, it may file a complaint with the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-Television Services (CCTS) at 1-888-221-1687 or at the following address: 
  3. During this Agreement, any decision, notice or other order from the CRTC or any other competent regulatory body shall apply to the extent provided, notwithstanding the provisions of this Agreement, including any decision, notice or other order that could lead to price changes. 
  4. Any dispute involving a company shall first be submitted to mediation. This process is confidential. If the dispute is not resolved through mediation, it shall be submitted to arbitration. Mediation and arbitration, if required, must be conducted in the presence of a sole mediator and a sole arbitrator in accordance with the rules of the ADR Institute of Canada. This section does not apply to the recovery of any amounts the Customer owes to BLINK or to the Customer’s right to file a complaint with a competent administrative authority concerning BLINK or the Services.

BLINK’s Contact Information

The Customer can contact BLINK by telephone (514) 5333-032 or by contact us link

Section B: Residential Internet Service

  •  BLINK Internet Services 

are offered at speeds measured between the central office and the modem installed at the Customer’s premises. Although BLINK agrees to mtake reasonable efforts to provide the Customer with the maximum speed, BLINK cannot guarantee that the maximum connection speed will be available at all times and in all places.

  •  The Internet Service Maximum Speed 

may vary depending on the technology environment, location, configurations, network congestion, use of services within the home, number of users connected and Customer’s devices. Other factors, such as weather conditions, can affect the speeds recorded.

  •  Speed And Signal Reception 

can vary depending on the location and configurations of the wireless modem/router and Wi-Fi boosters, location and capacity of the wireless devices, number of neighbouring networks, number of Wi-Fi devices active on the network and the home’s construction materials. Additional equipment may be required to provide optimal performance.

  •  Data Limits

The data limits of the Internet services and applicable rates are set out in the Agreement.

  • Unlimited Use 

The Customer agrees that the BLINK Internet service and its “unlimited use” only refer to usage time and are based on intermittent usage. The Internet Service cannot be used to run servers, cannot be shared, resold or transferred or be used for commercial activities. Despite any provision to the contrary, BLINK reserves the right to impose certain reasonable conditions and limits on use of the Internet Service. The Customer must read the BLINK Acceptable Term of Use Policy online at:

  •  IP Addresses 

registered and assigned by BLINK are the property of BLINK and their use by the Customer is authorized solely during the duration of this Agreement. The right to use a BLINK IP address ends when the BLINK Internet Service comes to an end.

  •  Network Security 

BLINK provides no guarantee with respect to the security of the Customer’s network connected to the Internet. The Customer is solely responsible for taking all reasonable security measures to protect his/her data and network, including anything related to material harm resulting from a computer virus, a change in the ssoftware configuration, content, use, validity or quality of the BLINK Internet Service provided over the Internet, loss or destruction of data due to intrusion or otherwise, or unauthorized interception of communications.

  • Internet Outage

The Customer must inform BLINK Customer Service of any Internet outage. If a problem exists on Blink’s side, bBlink will work to resolve it to its best ability. However, BLINK is not committing to provide any credit. 

section C: Residential Telephone Service

  • Local Telephone Service
    1. BLINK will allow the Customer to make telephone calls in the same local calling area. BLINK may modify the extent of local calling areas from time to time. The Services include calling  management services and other value-added features available at an addditional cost and billed either monthly or on a per-usage basis, such as voicemail, call display, last number callbacks,, number blocking, call forwarding and conference calling. Additional charges may also apply for assistance provided by BLINK in the use of the Services, such as directory information or collect calling, for government required services such as maessage relay service or 911 emergency service, and for toll services including calls to 900 or 976 exchange telephone numbers. 
    2. Subject to any right the Customer may have under applicable legislation, including any right to transfer a number to another telecommunications provider, the Customer does not own or have any property rights in any telephone number assigned by BLINK in connection with the Services. BLINK may have to change such telephone numbers and, if so, will send the Customer reasonable advance notice, without further liability.
    3.  The Customer authorizes BLINK to make the necessary changes with its former carrier to transfer the Customer’s local telephone numbers. The Customer further authorizes BLINK to transfer or disconnect the local telephone numbers from the Customer’s former carrier.
    4. The Customer is responsible for the costs charged by BLINK for calls made from the Customer’s telephone number and for all collect calls accepted, regardless of who made or accepted them.
    5.  In some cases, for an additional charge, the Customer may block access to all collect, 900 or 976 calls and other pay-per-use calls or usage-based calling features.
  •  Long Distance
  1. BLINK will allow the Customer to make telephone calls outside the local calling area. The length of long-distance calls  or toll-free call is rounded up to the BLINK nearest minute.
  2. To qualify for a reduced rate on overseas long-distance services, the Customer must subscribe to a long-distance plan covering Quebec, Canada, or Canada and the U.S. Overseas long-distance rates may vary. To find out these rates, the Customer can contact Blink Customer Service or visit the website
  3. Toll- free calls are offered in Canada and the U.S. However, to have a toll- free number in the U.S., the Customer must make sure that the calls are also routed to a number in Canada.

section D: limited-time offers & PROmotions

Plans Promotion: Rebate on Installation & Activation Fees

  • Promotion applies to new subscriptions only.
  • Rebate is valid through the first year only and cannot be used afterwards.
  • Rebate is given back in the form of equal monthly deduction per month off renewal payments for twelve consecutive months.
  • Offer will be void if service is deactivated due to late payment. Customers must maintain an active residential Internet subscription status by making monthly renewal payments on or before service renewal date.
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other offer or discount from BLINK or any of its partners.
  • Offer is personal per each individual customer and cannot be passed or transferred to other people or subscribers.
  • Offer is valid as long as customers  remains on one of the same plans with the same amount of rebate.
  • Customers can pay service subscriptions  in advance for multiple months at a time, and rebate will be calculated and applied accordingly.
  • Modem, installation and activation fees are non- refundable.
  • Rebate is non- refundable and cannot be exchanged with other values;; monetary or otherwise, from Blink or any of its partners.

Appendix A: Standard Service subscription & equipmeNTt fees

  • Internet Service Standard Subscription Fees

By default, the following standard prices apply to residential Internet services, unless the customer has an active offer or promotion associated with his/her  subscription:

Download speed10Mbps15Mbps30Mbps60Mbps
Upload Speed1.5Mbps10Mbps10Mbps10Mbps
Standard Price$29.99$37.99$42.99$48.99
Installation & Activation Fees$49.00$49.00$49.00$49.00
Monthly data QuotaUnlimited Download and Upload
Seasonal suspension50% of the standard monthly service price (without promotion)
Reactivate service fees$10.00
Reactivation fees due to NSF$10.00
Standard Modem Supports Up to 60Mbps Speed$35.00
Premium Modem Supports up to 950Mbps Speed$159.00
Refurbished Dual Band Wi-Fi Router TP Link AC1750 $72.00
  • Telephone Service Standard Subscription Fees

By default, the following standard prices apply to residential Telephone services, unless the customer has an active offer or promotion associated with his/her  subscription:

Calling Service
 CanadaCanada & USAInternational
Service Fees$9.99$12.99$14.99
Unlimited National Calls (1)
Unlimited USA Calls 
International Calls (2)  100 minutes
Caller ID
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding (3)
E911 Emergency Calling
Cisco 2 ports Telephone Adapter$72.00

(1) Excluding Calls to territories

(2) Click here for the list of counties for free international call

(3) Call forwarding may incur additional charges.