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blink’s unlimited internet and phone plans will give you a fresh start in July 2020

Moving to a new place can be irritating. Not only is Moving Day a stressful and tiring day, but the following week requires a number of tasks. You need to make sure all services — such as internet and residential phone — are connected promptly to get back to your normal life as soon as possible. blink Canada is here to help you make your 2020 move easier with its internet and residential phone plans.

Why blink offers the best internet service in Montre

blink Canada is a third-party provider regulated by the CRTC’s third-party access decision. Thanks to the CRTC’s internet service access decision, we have access to Videotron’s infrastructure, which allows us to provide the same high-quality internet as telecommunication giants at a fraction of the cost. Without the large overhead expenses, we are able to offer affordable unlimited internet plans and focus on serving our communities.

All of the blink’s internet plans are unlimited. We believe all internet providers should offer unlimited internet plans only as exceeding your download limit can be extremely costly for customers. blink also offers no-commitment plans only. We are so confident in the quality of our internet access and in our customer service that we do not feel it is necessary to hold clients hostage with long-term commitments.

We are able to offer fast and stable unlimited internet access at affordable prices because of a technology called Hybrid Fibre. This technology combines the speed of optic fiber and the stability of the cable connection. As a result, our internet connection offers the best value for the cost in Montreal and in the province of Quebec. We also offer residential phone access including unlimited calls within Canada and worldwide.

How we serve all communities in Montreal with our unlimited internet plans

Telecommunication giants design their plans to maximize their profits by selling more services and maximizing customer loyalty through commitments. Most of them create plans and bundles with the sunk-cost fallacy to get consumers to use more services and spend more money. For example, they might reduce the cost of their internet service significantly when bundled with other services such as phone and cable TV. Yet many customers don’t need these services, and they end up paying more when the offer expires 12 or 24 months later. Telecommunication giants also tend to offer their plans with long-term commitments.

At blink, in addition to allowing customers to cancel their subscription at any time without penalty, we design our offers to benefit the communities we serve. We believe all should have equal access to internet service, so the only difference between our plans is the speed. We offer speed options tailored to every type of household, from light users to small families to heavy users.

In line with our desire to benefit the communities we serve, we have also established a new referral program. The current and the new client both get a $9 discount on their next bill. This way, we are able to connect more households and offer even our discounted rates to more of the people you love. You can become a blink ambassador as soon as you sign up!

Order your unlimited internet plan today with blink to get set up for July 1st

Are you looking to start fresh with an affordable unlimited internet this July? blink will be happy to get you set up as soon as you’ve moved into your new place. You may be able to use your own modem if you already have one (see list of compatible modems). This way, you can start enjoying our fast, stable unlimited internet service as soon as possible. Click here to get started.


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