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blink now offers unlimited calls to local and international numbers.

In our ever-connected world, blink recognizes how important it is to call locally and internationally at affordable prices. As a customer-centric business, blink is always seeking solutions to make telecommunication more affordable. To better serve our residential and commercial clients, we are now offering unlimited calls in Canada, the United States, and the world.

We can offer unlimited calls by using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) instead of traditional telephone lines. VoIP offers a wide array of calling functionalities at a lower cost than traditional phone lines. At blink, we seek to put the best technologies to work for local businesses and communities. Just like we use hybrid fiber to offer the best internet service, we use VoIP to offer the best value for the price on phone plans.

How does VoIP Calls Work?

With VoIP, calls are forwarded to an internet network instead of a traditional phone line. Such a protocol decreases the cost at all levels. Our unlimited calls plans include functionalities such as extension-to-extension calls around the world and unlimited calls to numbers in Canada as well as the United States. 

blink uses VoIP to offer customers the best price on calls without having to set up complicated apps and networks.

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Who Benefits the Most from Unlimited Calls?

VoIP unlimited calls allow you to make long-distance calls without extra charges. Unlimited calls tend to benefit small and large businesses, especially when they receive many incoming calls every day. Businesses that communicate with clients via email and text messages do not benefit as much from unlimited calls.

If your business relies on a phone line as its primary means of communication, unlimited calls with VoIP will save you a lot on your monthly expenses.

How to Choose your Unlimited Calls Plan?

When comparing professional phone service providers, make sure you research their unlimited call options. The VoIP offers may vary depending on where the calls are coming from. At blink, we consider the following aspects:

  • The speed and stability of the network
  • The quality of the equipment
  • The availability and professionalism of the technical support

It’s also important to consider how much you are willing to spend on a phone line. For some businesses, a phone line is an important means of communication, but its cost should not be disproportionate to how it is used daily.

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