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blink offers the most cost-effective unlimited internet and phone plans in Quebec

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have had to deal with financial uncertainty and make changes to our budgets. Moreover, some of us have had to start working from home, which makes an unlimited internet service plan all the more important. Since launching in January 2019, blink’s objective has been to provide the best value for the price on internet and phone services.

As we enter the post-pandemic world, it’s important to consider both our budget and the quality of our unlimited internet service. blink’s offers, which provide high-quality service at reduced rates, are perfect for those looking to spend less and get more out of their services. Our unlimited internet service plans come with a fast and stable connection that makes it easy to work from home. This article explores how much you can save by switching to blink for your phone and internet services.

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Comparing Unlimited Internet Plans in Quebec

As of current, Bell and Videotron offer internet plans starting from $50.00/month and $60.00/month respectively. Videotron’s 15 Mbps plan retails at $55.00/month, its 30 Mbps plan at $62.00/month, and its 60 Mbps plan at $79.00/month. blink offers these plans for $32.99/month and $42.99/month, and $47.99/month respectively.

Meanwhile, smaller internet service providers provide plans at similar prices are lower, but their internet service is not as fast and reliable. For example, Bravo Telecom offers internet service for $29.99/month, but its speed is 5 Mbps, which is not sufficient for most users. The same is true of Ebox, whose cheapest plan costs $26.99/month, but provides a speed of 5 Mbps only. Moreover, Bravo Telecom and Ebox mostly use a coaxial cable connection, which is not as stable as blink’s hybrid fiber, and Ebox imposes download limits on most of its plans.

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Comparing Unlimited VoIP Phone Plans in Quebec

blink’s residential phone plans are almost incomparable to our competition as we use voice over internet protocol (VoIP). We use this technology to make calling locally and internationally more affordable. For example, Bell’s basic phone plans start from $41.45/month and only offer local calls. Videotron’s plans start from $29.99/month. Although their basic plan does include unlimited calls throughout Quebec and Canada, it is $20 more expensive every month.

blink offers three different phone plans starting from $9.99/month thanks to VoIP technology. Our Canada $9.99/month plan offers unlimited calls throughout Canada. Our Canada + USA $12.99/month plan offers unlimited calls throughout Canada and the United States. Finally, our World $19.99/month offers unlimited calls throughout Canada and the United States and 100 minutes worldwide.

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Order your Unlimited Internet and Phone Plans with blink today

By switching to blink, you can save up to $30 monthly both on your internet service and your residential phone line. Together, these make for savings of up to $60.

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