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blink offers the most affordable VoIP plans in Canada

Needs for phone plans have changed since the advent of globalization and the internet. More than ever, we need to make calls around the world to do business. Unfortunately, traditional phone lines make it costly to call across the country, not to mention to the United States and the rest of the world. Because of these new needs, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has become an excellent choice for individuals and businesses wanting to call around the world affordably.

Instead of a traditional phone line, VoIP uses the internet to forward the calls. Using VoIP is similar to using software such as Skype, which allows you to make voice and video calls through the internet. However, with a VoIP plan, you do not have to use the software. A VoIP phone is exactly like a traditional phone, with a number, but it does not use a traditional phone line. In other words, it is both convenient and cost-effective.

The VoIP Phone Landscape in Cana

Several providers offer VoIP phone plans in Canada, only they either cost too much or aren’t reliable enough. Vonage’s VoIP phone service, for example, is touted as one of the most reliable in Canada. However, starting from $26.99/month, it is not advantageous for most people and businesses seeking to call around the world at an affordable price.

blink’s VoIP Phone Plans

At blink, we bring the best VoIP technology at the lowest possible price. We offer the most affordable plans with the best equipment on the market. To fulfill different types of needs, we have designed three different plans that suit different people and businesses. Our Canada plan retails at $9.99/month and offers unlimited calls everywhere in Canada.

For people and businesses who need to call internationally more often, we have designed the Canada + USA plans and the World plan. These plans suit people with family members across the country and local businesses the best. Our Canada + USA plan retails $12.99/month and offers unlimited calls everywhere in Canada and the United States. This plan is perfect for people and businesses with ties in the United States.

Finally, our World plan retails at $19.99/month and offers unlimited calls everywhere in Canada and the United States and 100 minutes worldwide monthly. Our World plan suits people and businesses with ties across the globe the best. Our plan is designed to offer the peace of mind needed to make local and international calls as needed. In our ever-connected world, making international calls is not a luxury but a necessity.

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