You can use your modem if the model is compatible with blink’s network. Please see the table below or contact blink for more information.

Modem ModelMax SpeedModem ModelMax Speed
Hitron-CDARES200 MbpsScientific Atlanta-DPC 210010 Mbps
Hitron-CODA 4680400 MbpsScientific Atlanta-DPX 210010 Mbps
Motorola-SB 510010 MbpsScientific Atlanta-DPX 2100 V210 Mbps
Motorola-SB 510110 MbpsTechnicolor/Thomson-DCM42510 Mbps
Motorola-SB 512010 MbpsTechnicolor/Thomson-DCM475200 Mbps
Motorola-SB 612060 MbpsTechnicolor/Thomson-TC4300200 Mbps
Motorola-SB5101N10 MbpsTechnicolor/Thomson-TC4310200 Mbps
Motorola-SB5101U10 MbpsTechnicolor/Thomson-TC4350200 Mbps
Motorola-SB612160 MbpsTechnicolor/Thomson-TC4400400 Mbps

The modem should not be connected to any internet service provider when requesting our service. If the modem is not released from the previous service, the activation may be delayed.