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Choose Blink and you will be guaranteed a unique televised experience. Our flexible offers for the various TV subscriptions we have for you will definitely keep everyone happy. Varying from sports, entertainment, TV shows and movies and without forgetting the latest kids shows. With our offers, you can have up to 162 TV channels, ranging from Canadian as well as American ones. Don’t forget that with Blink you can always personalize your TV package and choose from a list going up to an additional 79 TV channels.

We are known to be the leaders within Quebec with the most affordable yet reliable internet and without forgetting our unbeatable phone offers. In addition to that, we are now joining hands with Shaw TV so we can guarantee the best TV offers and the most unique entertainment for your home.

With our diverse offers and the varied programs that cover both French and English channels, we are catering for all tastes while keeping it within a budget friendly package. Every TV offer comes with a free month upon subscription. As for the cherry on the cake, thanks to Shaw Bluecurve TV, you will be able to follow your favorite channels on your device of choice.

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Moyen French Package

This package that offers 80 TV channels is the best bang for your buck. The Moyen French Package guarantees a satisfying experience with a selection of 65 basic channels along with more than 15 French channels or 10 French and 5 English additional channels of your choice.

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Grand French Package

With 102 TV channels, this is our best package, as it offers the most entertainment and wide selection by far. The Grand French Package offers you 65 basic channels in addition to 25 French channels and 10 English channels of your choice.

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Extra Small English Package

Our entry package will give you a wide selection of 79 channels. The Extra Small English Package covers 74 channels in addition to 5 specialty channels of your choice.

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Small English Package

The Small English Package will cover the essential entertainment your TV needs. With a selection of 89 TV Channels, it will keep you on the couch all day! A diverse collection of 74 channels as your base, along with 15 specialty channels of your own choice.

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Medium English Package

Imagine having over 192 TV channels, the pure entertainment you get to enjoy for you and your family and friends. The Medium English Package has the best combination of both French and English selection. A basic 162 Channels to start with and the additional specialty 30 channels of your own choice.

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Total English Package

This is our most complete offer, you will be able to explore 241 TV channels. With the Total English Package, we offer you the perfect combination of channels that will keep you entertained. The package offers 162 basic channels in addition to 79 supplementary channels of your choice!

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With Blink, we care about the satisfaction of our clients and for that reason we have a selection of services that will cater to your needs. We guarantee quality and technical customer care that is dedicated to assisting you all week long.

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