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Compare our commercial internet plans available in the Greater Montreal Area

More than ever, businesses need a reliable internet connection. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, brick-and-mortar businesses have had to take their business operations online. Two factors that determine an internet connection’s ability to serve a business profitably: speed and stability. One problem, however, is that many commercial internet plans do not offer both at a reasonable price.

blink Canada brings the most reliable internet service to businesses in Montreal. A third-party internet service provider regulated by the CRTC, we use Videotron’s network access network and invest in our own infrastructure. As a result, we offer the most reliable internet in Quebec for a more affordable price than telecommunication companies. Our commercial internet is fully optimized to maximize business profits and allow for a seamless digital environment.

This article describes our different commercial internet plans and which types of businesses they serve the best.

Business Offer

We designed our Business Offer for solo entrepreneurs or business owners who lead small teams. As with all our internet plans, this offer includes unlimited downloads. Its download speed is 100 Mbps, which allows for 10 to 15 devices to be connected simultaneously. Such speed makes cloud computing, video conferencing, and data backups quick and easy.

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Business Plus Offer

Our Business Plus Offer serves larger businesses with IT infrastructures. Its download speed of 200 Mbps allows for 15 to 20 devices to be connected simultaneously. In addition to the quick and easy cloud computing and data backups, this plan is perfect for server hosting, seamless streaming, and large conferencing.

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Rapid Business Offer

Large businesses with important IT infrastructures choose our Rapid Business Offer. Its 400 Mbps speed allows for 20 to 30 devices to be connected simultaneously and engage in demanding tasks. 400 Mbps is the highest speed available, and it allows for multiple-hosting, constant cloud-based computing, and heavy online backups.

This plan is perfect for businesses that have large databases and want to ensure the stability and security of their servers.

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