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Why blink does not bundle its unlimited internet plans with other services

Our goal at blink is to provide consumers with the fastest, most reliable internet for the best price. Our unlimited internet plans are designed to benefit the communities we serve. Thanks to hybrid fiber technology, our internet service is the most reliable in Quebec and the best value for the price.

blink’s philosophy stands in stark contrast to most telecommunication companies. We believe that an internet connection is an essential service and that everyone should have equal access to one. For this reason, we choose not to bundle our services.

Even though bundles seem to provide great value for the money, they end up disadvantaging consumers and costing them more. Here’s why:

Why Internet Bundles Exist

Most telecommunication companies seek to maximize their bottom line. The way they do so is by signing up every customer to as many services as possible. Besides, they seek to keep these customers loyal. To do so, companies offer enticing prices by bundling services — internet, residential phone, mobile phone, and cable TV. Although the prices may be advantageous, they generally do not benefit the consumer as most people don’t need more than one or two services.

The other problem with bundles is that they often come with commitments. Consumers can enjoy an enticing price, but only by committing to keeping the plan for a period of time. If they cancel their subscription, they must pay a penalty, which can be hefty. At blink, none of our plans come with a commitment. We want our clients to feel at ease and to be able to change plans in case of a financial emergency.

The bottom line is: although bundles seem cheap, they end up costing consumers more money.

How blink Does Without Bundles

We can offer the best prices without bundling because of our business model. A third-party internet service provider regulated by the CRTC, we use Videotron’s access network and invest in our own infrastructure. Moreover, as a small company, we do not have the large overhead expenses many telecommunication companies do. As a result, we can reduce our rates to the minimum without bundling and while remaining profitable.

blink only offers internet and phone service — both residential and commercial. We focus on what the communities really need, and we don’t so much care about the fluff. At blink, we are believers that the best offers are simple offers. You shouldn’t be flooded with choices and options to get an internet service that serves you well.

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