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  • Unlimited download
  • Reliable speed
  • Fast connection
  • Big savings
  • No contract


  • Unlimited calls
  • Guaranteed portability
  • International calls
  • Voicemail


  • Diversified programs adapted to all needs
  • Bilingual Program, French or English channels
  • Available across all devices on iOS and Android with BlueCurve Tv app.


  • High-speed connection and professional quality
  • Higher download speeds
  • Powerful routers
  • Up to 400 Mbps speed
  • VIP client support

Our clients’ reviews

Very good internet service, professional team,
I recommend

Joshua Nadol

Cliente depuis une année, très satisfaite du service.
Pas de coupures, bon service à la clientèle,
facturation stable. je le recommande

Nidhal Debchi

My experiences with Blink has been pleasant, thus far.
After having been with Bell for well over 10 years,
I switched to Blink and glad I did so.
Customer support has been great and their internet service is
fast and, most important, very reliable! I’m glad I made the
switch to Blink and highly recommend their internet service.

Michael Palmieri


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